Repair of E27 LED lamp 5730SMD

In a previous post I wrote about my experience of buying LED lamps. A couple of days ago I finally was covered with the first of them and I hope for their maintainability, I decided to restore it.

The reason was obvious inoperability at once – two burned-out LED. Both in the center of the yellow crystal was clearly visible black dot. Transparent plastic body quite easily separated from the base and underneath discovered a simple shemka one diode assembly, capacitor and resistor. The method of continuity gradually sketched diagram of the lamp:

Schematic diagram of lamps with LED-48 LED 5730SMD

I must say that dig inserted into the transparent body of the LED proved to be very difficult, it is best to warm up slightly transparent plastic termofenom. Then purely for the sake of curiosity, I checked a few of the LEDs device (serviceable in this light, and burnt there). Desoldering also had termofenom because a soldering iron to heat from both sides at once was very uncomfortable and the first LED desoldering I just collapsed. Substitute for them I vypayal of the LED strip to 5630, apparently they are the same as in the lamp.

This case itself is not very interesting, more interesting – after a couple of weeks, I have the same way out of order another bulb, and then another, and those that also repaired again several times already visited repairs. Total to date, eight of purchased lamps never burning with just three. Why the lamp worked about 6 months and have begun to actively break down it is not very clear. Perhaps one of the reasons this is a bad heat, because of what the life of the crystal greatly reduced (light and truth really hot, despite the fact that all power 5w).

In any case, the bulb of this design is no more desire to buy.

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