IMAX B6 connection to the PC via USB (PL2303HX) (unsuccessful)

зарядка IMAX-B6Owners wonderful charging IMAX B6 is well known that it has a jack for connecting to a computer, but the truth is no USB interface adapter many stops.And I wanted to get interesting graphics in the process of testing the batteries on aliexpress and I ordered a USB-adapter (PL2303HX USB) worth $1.6.

The idea is to connect no big deal, but this is the ideal, but in reality can there be so many nuances. Starting from the most banal – the projection on the three-pin connector bothered to put the rightmost connector:

If there is – there is a very soft metal and it is easily grinds small file.

I, like many others did not immediately earned. And the start of a sequence of milestones clarify the nuances and double-check all of which can be. Following a review of the internet I found out that in most cases people are faced with two major problems – a knocking signal level LED on the receiving (RX) channel adapter and the second, the most terrible is that inside the IMAX, these pins can be simply not connected.

We start with the simplest – check if all is properly connected. The main confusion may be the fact that the adapter is connected to the RX TX charger and many are confused at this point, but can confuse and seller. For example, I really do not have any signs adapter, only the colored wires, and in the description of the seller places confused the RX and TX. So reveal housing, we look at the card and check:
IMG_6018Since the RX is “welcome” and TX is “transfer”, and then here comes the part that is called the IMAX pin TX and from the USB-adapter RX.

For on-chip PL2303HX adapter must be installed the correct driver (pl-2303hx-drivers),which adds to the system COM-port:

Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm portI have it «Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port» in the system, he is addressed as «COM13».


You can then check whether by itself this USB-to-Serial adapter. To work with Com-port is a universal programm – Terminal,which lets you send through the TX output signals and display that comes with the output RX. To check, we can close the RX and TX adapter between a normal jumper to get the so-called “echo”, that is, everything that we send will come soon:
Terminal echoI scored four zeros and clicked «Send», and in the upper window of «Receive» immediately saw how they came. It turns on the level of drivers and USB-adapter I have everything properly. But that still was not enough data from the charging I did not get.

Alas, taking the logic analyzer and hooking to the TX I found out that the required data is simply not available there. Maybe I got a Chinese clone cropped functionality. If anyone encountered the same problem and found a solution – please leave a comment.

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  1. The charger does have a PC connection, I’ve had it working though the software sucks and drains every scrap of system resources whilst it running, your CPU is made to run at max the whole time the monitor is active lol

  2. SOLVED!!

    The entire procedure is correct but in the chargers where Temperature Senson and Comunication (USB) share the same port you have to chose in the menu which of them to use (default is temp sens).

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