webshell in WordPress theme

And again a wordpress theme infected with malicious scripts fell into my hands. Moreover, this WordPress theme quite normally lived on the site of one friend until they updated php to the latest version, where the malicious script stopped working, which gave itself away. Unfortunately, the built-in ClamAV antivirus did not detect this script. Other antiviruses detect infected as Trojan.Script.1006652 , Trojan.Script.DF5C3C , PHP.Shell.597 , PHP/WebShell.FX!tr

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Python and Firebird (fdb library)

In this example of interaction with the Firebird database, information from the following pages was used:
The example shows how to create a database, table, insert and select records.

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Notes on using the TWebBrowser component in Delphi 7

I began to use the TWebBrowser component to display the help topic in my programs. In this version, it’s quite simple – we put the usual html-files in a folder and, if necessary, call WebBrowser.Navigate(HelpDir + ‘index.html’);
html already contains everything that your heart desires, with pictures, cross-references and scripts available to InternetExplorer.

Everything became much more interesting when I wanted to display information from the database through it, and also programmatically make changes on the displayed page. As it turned out, this is all possible.
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Simple authorization on PHP+MySQL+JavaScript+AJAX

The main purpose of this script is educational. The script shows how you can solve the problem of authorized access to some data. In addition to authorization, the example also implements the forms for viewing, adding, editing and deleting users. Also minimal security is observed – the data is filtered, the types are checked, the passwords are not stored and are not transmitted in the clear. I know that MD5 bruteforce very quickly, so to work, use your own, more reliable algorithms 😉

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Wireless headphones BH503. Dismantling and replacing the battery.

BH503_wireless_headphoneThese headphones have been remarkable Chinese bought me at aliexpress for $ 15 and a half years ago and I even almost started to demand the return, failing to include them almost daily. Most of the instructions states that in order to enable it to press and hold the call button, but in my case it was not working. It turned out that the headphones BH503 included if at the same time hold down the “Volume +” at the end and the call button. If you hold these buttons a little longer, then they move to the connection mode, as evidenced by the rapid blinking of the LED. In doing so, they actually differ from the branded headphones nokia.

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Using TSOP4836 for reading codes with IR microcontroller PIC18F2520

Probably many of the fans of development on microcontrollers least a couple of times but the thought of the possibility of the control device using a standard IR remote control from the TV. Particularly captivating is that to connect the IR sensor TSOP4836 required just simply one free pin and two resistors! Once I tried this option.
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Replacing the battery in the battery module controller ADAPTEC 5405 (abm-800)

adaptec 5405

Adaptec 5405 RAID controller with battery

Who using the raid controller with battery module, sooner or later required to face the need to replace this battery. I have a RAID-the Adaptec 5405 with battery worked for about four years, and then the utility began to show that the battery needs to be replaced. All anything, but go shopping, I suddenly discovered that this is the unit costs about $140! But judging by the size of the batteries and the words I assumed it would be easy to solder to the battery of a mobile phone worth about $3.

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Introduction to graph database Neo4j

Once there, the in 2005, I got sick of the idea of creating a knowledge base that does not have a clear table structure and would work on the principle of named nodes and links between them. The idea was such that the node itself is not carrying any information and all information would set its surroundings and relationships. I then wrote a little code repository of nodes and links, as well as simple operations on them, but do not store information in the nodes was too hard and I’m tied to each node one text property (in Neo4j in a knot, you can burn a lot of properties of different types and then refer to them by name).

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Repair of E27 LED lamp 5730SMD

In a previous post I wrote about my experience of buying LED lamps. A couple of days ago I finally was covered with the first of them and I hope for their maintainability, I decided to restore it.

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IMAX B6 connection to the PC via USB (PL2303HX) (unsuccessful)

зарядка IMAX-B6Owners wonderful charging IMAX B6 is well known that it has a jack for connecting to a computer, but the truth is no USB interface adapter many stops.And I wanted to get interesting graphics in the process of testing the batteries on aliexpress and I ordered a USB-adapter (PL2303HX USB) worth $1.6.

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