The Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V and AMD FX-6100 (solution with the launch of virtual)

As usual, they say – “there were no signs of problems,” but one day I was tempted by cheap of cores and AMD decided to make a six-server virtual ok. The problem got out suddenly, just when everything is set up and the matter was for the transfer to the new server multiple virtual ok, it turned out that they just will not start. Note that in the BIOS usually has the option of virtualization, I certainly useful to include it, but the problem is not solved and had to dig the Internet …

That is what happened in the event log:

Driver "hypervisor" required for virtual machine management service is not installed or is disabled.  Check the settings and try reinstalling the role of Hyper-V.
Failed to start Hyper-V;  incompatible processor configuration CPUID leaf D XSAVE (state 0x4).

А solution was found on the forums:

Solutions – to perform a command prompt:

 bcdedit /set xsavedisable 1

Either install the update:

I execute the command line after the problem was solved.

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